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Hammered Trivia is proud to offer NC Triangle-area businesses and organizations fun, competitive, and engaging trivia and music bingo experiences. We currently serve dozens of great locations in the area a​nd 1 in Wilmington! Below you can find more information about our locations, hosts, and even how to book us for your next event!

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Introducing Thunder and Lightning Games

You spoke. We listened! You love our trivia... A LOT! You want more of it (and we can't blame you)!

Beginning October 2023, we are excited to announce that Hammered Trivia will offer two unique trivia games each week. The same format you know and love, but different questions at both games. 

Each trivia game below will be designated "Thunder" or "Lightning" (via the 🌧️ and ⚡ emojis, respectively), allowing trivia players to engage in their favorite trivia game twice a week.

If you're just a casual trivia player who loves some Hammered Trivia?  Great, continue playing at your favorite weekly game and living your best life. But if you've got that fever for more hot trivia action, we've got your cure!  

Find another fantastic venue below and get in on some more Hammered Trivia!


Music Bingo

Meet Your Hosts


As the founder of Hammered Trivia, Thor has spent the last decade building a reputation for creating the best trivia game in the area, winning multiple INDY Week Awards, and building a team of equally talented hosts who can bring that game all over the state. When Thor isn't hosting trivia, you can find him cheering “Go 'Canes!” at the top of his lungs, screaming at a concert, or belting a ballad off-key at karaoke (basically, all the things you shouldn’t do if your paycheck depends on your ability to speak into a mic 😉).


Jeren joined Hammered Trivia first as a guest host and then proudly started hosting at Gizmo Brew Works. As establishments started to open in the area Jeren helped Hammered Trivia return with its new online answer form format. When Jeren isn't hosting you can find him hanging with his wife and his dog Hank. 


Tyler is excited to be a member of the Hammered Trivia team and is excited to host at Bada Wings on Creedmoor (his favorite spot for trivia before becoming a host). When Tyler isn't hosting you can find him watching his favorite sports teams, out on the town, or putting together one of his many parties he loves to host. 


Ellie is also part of our recent expansion of trivia hosts and is excited to join the team. Ellie is new to the trivia world, but no rookie when it comes to the stage. Ellie's background in singing will make her trivia night a special one for all in attendance. When Ellie is not hosting trivia she can be found cheering on the Canes, enjoying one of the triangle's fine breweries, or hanging out with friends. 


Kaylie is our first host based in Wilmington. Kaylie has taken to the Hammered Trivia family quickly and is excited to be hosting at Hi-Wire. 


Shannon is an NC native with a background in performing arts and a passion for learning, which make for a great fit as trivia host! When Shannon isn't hosting or updating this website, she can be found with her husband and dog Bailey, likely playing video games or D&D, making art, or going on an adventure.


Chemist, guitarist, cat dad, and long-time Hammered Trivia player, Chris has joined the Inner Circle of Hosts to entertain and delight at Gizmo Brew Works (Durham). Outside of trivia, he can typically be spotted tasting seasonal offerings at local breweries, shopping for new plants, or eating far too many enchiladas.


Casey is a Raleigh native and App State grad. After leaving the area for 13 years and living in Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, Austria, and Poland in the interim—picking up 2 cats and a graduate degree along the way—she's recently moved back home to be closer to family and her one true love... the Old North State. When she's not hosting trivia she's disc golfing, video gaming, hiking, or snuggling with her two cats, Cricket and Sweet Dee. 


Jake is a New York transplant with a passion for testing the weird and obscure knowledge he and others have acquired. When he isn't hosting trivia, he can be found dodging an endless barrage of State Farm jokes, yelling incorrect Jeopardy answers at his TV, or spending an unreasonable amount of time playing Pac-Man at the local barcade.


Kendall is a charcuterie enthusiast, reality television connoisseur, and knows a thing or two about public health. She joined Hammered trivia shortly after moving to Raleigh in December 2022. You can find her hosting music bingo at Bearded Bee Brewing Company or trivia at Farmhouse Cafe and Beach Shack Bottles and Taps. 


Veteran, teacher, lifter of heavy things, and now trivia host! John hosts at his neighborhood brewery, The Sneaky Penguin. Outside of trivia, you can find John playing disc golf, backpacking, lifting, or enjoying a libation or two around the triangle.


A Triangle native who’s lived many places, including Hawaii, Guam, Diego Garcia, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York, he recently moved from Brooklyn back to where he has always called “home”. Trent is an actor, VO artist, and a not-so-secret lover of trivia. Please be advised that he will not answer his phone weekdays at 7pm (when not hosting), as he will be watching Jeopardy. In his free time, Trent enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee (black), hiking up mountains, and dropping the needle on some good tunes.


Jeff is so thankful for seasons after moving to Raleigh in 2022 after living in Tampa, Florida for 26 years. During the day he's a software consultant so hosting trivia is the perfect outlet for his extroverted personality. He'll tell you he's better at hosting than playing unless it's the music round! He volunteers at the Wake County Animal Center, loves big dogs and cannot lie and will gladly engage in conversation about indie music, Peloton, craft beer and gin cocktails.


Derek is a former radio DJ who still loves music (especially indie pop/rock), attending concerts, and trying to learn guitar. Originally from the deep south, he has loved living in the Triangle for over 20 years. He enjoys spicy food and cold brews. You can typically find him tending to various types of peppers in his garden or fending off his two perpetually hungry cats.


Demitrius is an NC native who also works as a chemist. When not hosting Hammered Trivia, he likes to walk his dog, eat copious amounts of cheesecake, play board games, and attend EDM festivals. Find him at West 94th Street Pub on Wednesdays!


Paris is a native of the triangle area who is excited to be part of Hammered Trivia hosting at Hoppy House. When she's not hosting trivia, you can find her swimming, cooking new foods, travelling, or creating music. 


Emily is excited to join the Hammered Trivia Team! Emily grew up in Apex, NC and graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Education. Emily works as a Science Teacher at Holly Springs High School. She also likes to run, dance, and go to concerts.


Nick is a dynamic individual whose world revolves around music, video games, and the irresistible allure of chicken wings. When he is not hosting you might be able to find him trying out local restaurants, hanging out at music stores or enjoying the local parks.


Tony is a realtor by day and a trivia junkie by night. He is another former DJ with a huge affinity for multiple genres of music. Born in Okinawa and raised an hour south of the Triangle, Tony has a love for most things associated with NC (including a passion for NC State Athletics). When not testing those brain cells during a night out, he enjoys spending time with family, doing jigsaw and crossword puzzles, trying out various beer selections throughout the area, and testing out Dad Jokes on his eye-rolling daughter. He loves to chit-chat, but beware of his sharp wit and sarcasm.


Ian Bruce hails from The First State, and is slowly becoming acclimated to the Southern way of life. His day job is being a teacher for the youth, but really only wants to be a stay-at-home-husband. When he's not hosting trivia or teaching the importance of a thesis statement, you can find him throwing hands in the mosh pit, creating the notorious dance circle at weddings, reading a Stephen King book, or sticking an IV of coffee into his veins.


Ellie was introduced to Hammered Trivia working at Ruckus in Mission Valley and is very excited to be a part of it! Her favorite part of trivia is getting to meet lots of new people and make friends. When not hosting, Ellie loves to travel and seek out new experiences, as well as making art, particularly splatter/spin art. She can't wait to play with you!


Kathy is a seasoned trivia host who is thrilled to have recently joined the best Trivia Team in the Triangle at Hammered Trivia! Originally from California she has been living in NC since 2004 and loving every minute of this amazing state.  When she is not running trivia she is working in the live music industry helping to keep Raleigh Rockin'.  Her hobbies include riding motorcycles, jeeping and camping.


Tayler is super pumped to join the Hammered Trivia Team as the host at Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing! Hailing from the stand-still traffic of NoVa, she has been living in North Carolina for almost ten years. Tayler is a lawyer by day and a cheeky Trivia host by night. A fan of all things trivia, she is an admittedly better host than player. When not hosting, Tayler can be found admiring the cuteness of her cat Luna, crafting, and collecting stamps on the Raleigh Beer Trail.


Kevin is a long-time Hammered Trivia player turned host. An avid trivia fan, he created and hosted mini trivia nights with his family during the pandemic. You can now find him hosting for the public with Hammered Trivia! When he's not hosting you can find him playing soccer, going to Hurricanes games, and watching Jeopardy alone (because he says the answer before the question is read out loud)!


Ethan has loved trivia ever since he was the quiz bowl captain in middle school, and is excited to finally be on the hosting side of things! He's lived in NC his whole life, and moved to Raleigh after graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill. Most often found with a beer in his hand, unless he's playing foosball, biking, playing Magic, or hanging out with his dog Mako (in which case the beer is somewhere nearby)!


Natalie is originally a Maryland transplant who stayed in North Carolina after attending ECU. She is so excited to join the Hammered Trivia team and loves all things trivia. When she’s not hosting trivia you can find her behind a sewing machine, walking her dog, or playing board games with friends.



WRAL Voters' Choice Awards

Winner 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2022

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Hammered Trivia is always looking to expand our operations and would love to have you be a part of our team. As more businesses are reopening, we are looking to make Hammered Trivia a part of their weekly schedule. We are looking for energetic people who are comfortable talking in front of a crowd, able to multitask, and reliable with time and transportation. We are looking for hosts to have their own trivia night as well as people who are able to guest host when needed.

If you are interested, contact Thor at thor@hammeredtrivia.com or at (919) 889-0042 or Jeren at jeren@hammeredtrivia.com or at (984) 777-1566

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